One Travelport


There are over 4,000 of us around the world, working together to deliver for our customers. From Dubai to Denver, Sydney to Swindon, wherever we’re based and whatever our role, it’s crucial we operate as one team, driving towards our shared goals.

Our industry is rapidly evolving. We’re a challenger brand in a world of large players and we need to be more focused, nimble and quick if we’re to continue to play to our strengths.

The mobile and digital revolution has put the end traveler in control. Customers want ease, simplicity and convenience, alongside fast and effective customer service and they will stay loyal to companies who deliver this.

It is essential we interact with our customers quickly, accurately and consistently if we are to retain their business.

Having a clear direction and a shared path will help align us all under the same goals.

One Travelport - our purpose, vision and values - is for everyone. Let’s bring them to life across Travelport.

Our Purpose

Why do we exist? What drives us to get up each morning, come in to work and do what we do? Every company needs a clear direction, a north star on a shared path.

Our purpose is straightforward:

‘Building leading technology that makes the experience of buying and managing travel continually better’

We are a technology company. A fin tech and travel tech company.

By defining our purpose we provide everyone in the company with guiderails. A benchmark to apply against every business decision or discusson – will the outcome make the experience of buying and managing travel better?

Our Vision

Our vision is something to believe in, an ambition to be achieved:

‘Every trip powered by Travelport’.

Our ambition is that one day, every trip taken throughout the world, will in some way have been touched by Travelport – from booking a flight to reserving a room; searching for the best car hire deal to receiving an online payment.

To get there we’ll focus on four areas:

  • Being the leading provider of consumer grade digital solutions in travel
  • Being the technology partner of choice for OTAs
  • Providing the best end to end automation solutions for the travel industry
  • And providing seamless, relevant and integrated content at speed.

Every trip powered by Travelport

Our Values

How we will work together to achieve our vision is defined by our values.
These four behaviours will form our DNA and enable us to be the best that we can be:

Be a player not a spectator

We take ownership and make things happen. We are passionate about what we do, bringing energy, confidence and determination to every day. We step up to take ownership and we are tenacious when overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. We always hold ourselves accountable for results.

Keep things simple

We’re straightforward and easy to do business with. We keep things simple, never turning the complexity of our industry into something complicated for our customers. We are clear about expectations, effective in our decision making and disciplined in our delivery.

Think we not me

We are One Travelport, collaborating to win. We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, with each other and with our customers. We actively embrace diversity, appreciating that together we are stronger, so we work as one, aligning our goals to build long-lasting and valuable relationships.

Build for tomorrow

We challenge the status quo, aim high, and lead change. We believe in challenging what has gone before and are always learning, questioning and experimenting. We are unafraid to take risks and push boundaries. We think big and act boldly to create a bright, exciting future and make a positive impact in the community.

Our strategy

How we will achieve our vision remains the same. We will continue to follow the strategy outlined in the seven strategic pillars aligned to our 2020 goals.

Additional Information

Check back here for further information on our Purpose, Vision and Values.

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